Carbon Fiber Snare Drum | Rasch Drums | Rasch Diamond

External and Internal shine

Diamond series stands out because of its renown and its shine in both beautiful and loud levels. It is a high-performance product which allows to maximize your posibilidades.

The Diamond series parts are made from sound specifications resulting from our research. Aluminium, fiberglass and carbon fiber interior are combined in this product to provide a balanced combination of stiffness and elasticity that allows wide setting range -perfect for any situation.

The result is a spectacular, unbeatble product to enhance the effect of membranes with short sustain without losing the timbre generated by harmonics of medium frequencies. Ideal also for membranes with long sustain, because it makes medium and high frequency harmonics to be generated balanced both in proportions and duration. Ultimately, Diamond series offers you a versatile sound that will allow you to shine on the stage, in the Studio or in your day.

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