Carbon Fiber Snare Drum | Rasch Drums | Rasch Guillotine

Power in every strike

Guillotine represent the most advanced and technological of Rasch Drums series. An attractive appearance combined with its body with ARC (Armonic Range Control) resulting from research in the field of acoustics, provides this series with the best qualities seen to date. Balanced power, unleashed feelings.

Its ARC body is composed of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and other materials that confer to Guillotine capacity to condition the membrane vibration modes. This has allowed to potentiate or decrease the vibrational modes of the membrane in order to achieve the perfect balance. So you got The best sound ever.

The result is a perfect sound with body a medium volume that concentrates half the best qualities in bodies of wood and metal. A power unleashed in impacts of high or very high volume. A full and balanced audio spectrum perfect for recording or live, ideal for any type of membrane either short or long sustain. The best for the final one, can you ask more?

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