There are many reasons to be different

ARC stands for Armonic Range Control. It a system developed by Rasch which allows you to control the acoustic capacities of our instruments by the composition and the characterization of the materials used by Rasch products.

How it works?

When a membrane vibrates, transmits its power to the supporting walls as well to the air contained within the instrument. These factors produce the cylindrical body of an instrument to try to vibrate with the membrane all together. This effect also occurs on the contrary. It is demonstrated that changes in the behaviour of the cylindrical body of a membranophone instrument directly affects membranes vibrating modes and therefore to the produced frequencies.
This is where ARC comes into play. Combination, ratio, distribution and disposal of composite materials condition its mechanical abilities and this is how we allow the body to vibrate in a controlled way to configure the sound causing the membranes to our will.

IAM corresponds to the initials of Internal Air Management. It is a system developed by Rasch that increases air speed inside the instrument.

How it works?

Available in all the series, it offers a high projection of the bottom patch, through the internal flap which compresses the air in high power impacts. This magnifies the effect of the snarewires.

Last generation technological materials with the dedication and the quality of a handmade product made by specialist is what Rasch gets when mixes the technology with the handmade products.

The action of moisture on wood bodies, generate large deformation problems in the long term. Rasch products are manufactured in composite materials. These materials are characterized by being immune to weather conditions. Neither the time nor the humidity can make your Rasch deformed.

Unlike many wood bodies, Rasch sound is perfect from day one. It is shown that wood bodies suffered breaks in their micro fibres from the time of its manufacture and is going to deteriorate with use and time. This produces changes in their mechanical abilities, and therefore generates differences in sound. Rasch provides stability in the sound from the first day and up to the last.

The Rasch Drumshells are extremely resistant and light. The body of the Energy model support almost 150kg. with a weigh of only 300 gr.

Lacquered: Special lacquered that bear falls, hits and scratches.

Choose your rings, snarewires, membrane… You can add your CUSTOMPACK Rasch. Then your Rasch will always be unique and exclusive.


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