Being different is an attitude

We want to be the first ones. To be ahead and discover the unknown possibilities of the production of musical instruments.

To research and develop production processes based on the innovation and the new technologies.

To explore and improve the use of new materials.

To imagine a believe –like you do- that other sound is possible.

In Rasch Drums we do not accept the conventional rules. That is the attitude that makes us different.


Rasch Drums starts in 2011 as an research project by to design engineer and musicians. Manuel Ibáñez Arnal and Patricia Clemente Visiedo analyse the acoustic capacities of the composite materials as well as their application to musical instruments. This underdeveloped field offers many possibilities because there are hardly any research about the application of these materials to the percussion instruments and their real influence on the vibration of the membranes. The result is the foundation of the Rasch Drums company in November 2013.

The original product line has 3 highly configurable series of snare of 14” x 05” called “Guillotine”, “Energy” and “Diamond”. Each series has its own properties, very different from any other product ever made.

During 2014 it would be release lots of innovations that will surprise everybody.


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